Federalism and constitution: States’ participation in constitutional reform as a guarantee of the federalisation process. (A study of Spain’s unique model)

Written by María Reyes Pérez Alberdi   
The aim of involving state members in reforming federal constitutions is to guarantee them the autonomy that they have been constitutionally granted. It also prevents reform from being carried out unilaterally by the central government and means the structure of competences can be modified as necessary. In this study, we will consider how federations manage, to a greater or lesser extent, regional intervention in constitutional reform. However, we will see how recently, in Spain, the anticipated routes for territorial participation in the constitutional text have proved to be clearly insufficient, and have developed into the recent crisis in this ‘State of Autonomies’, which is now facing the breakdown of national unity.
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Published on Wednesday, 26 September 2018 16:44
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