Aspects of Swiss Federalism in Aid of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Written by Myriam Di Marco   
Israel is a small nation, it features natural areas that are poor in resources, has a mixed population with different languages and religions, boats a strong army and hold a crucial geographical position: attributes shared with Switzerland. Both nations have a lot in common. Can Switzerland help the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Considering also recent developments in the geopolitics of Middle East, the article analyzes different elements of the Swiss federal system that might contribute to social cohesion in the Land. For example, the organization of the political government, divided in the executive (seven members from different areas of the territory, without a President or a Premier) and legislative power (with two chambers). or the federal economic system with a fiscal equalization between poor and rich zones, cooperating with Palestine and distributing resources under the control of a unique federal capital, Jerusalem. Finally, the importance of military service as a system for the integration of multiple parts of society is analysed.
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Published on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 18:42
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