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... of the Reform of Title V of the Constitution of 2001. Following a brief reconstruction of the genesis of the text, the author emphasises the choice of law of delegation to the Government for the implementation ...
42. Editorial Board
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... process (article proposal, peer review phase, author revision, linguistic revision, author final revision) is managed by the editorial coordinator.    Editors Roberto Castaldi Associate Professor ...
This essay aims at giving an overview on the role of the European and national Parliaments in the dynamics of integration. After resuming the main issues that such a subject present, the author analyses ...
44. Policy
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... also inspired by Recommendation no. 2/2001, which the European authorities for the protection of personal data, united in the Group set up by art. 29 of directive no. 95/46/CE, implemented on 17 May 2001 ...
45. Archives
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Perspectives on Federalism web-site is updated as soon as new contributions are approved by reviewers and revised by the authors. They are then collected into three issues a year. You can freely download ...
46. Ethical Guidelines
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Perspectives on Federalism is committed to ensuring the quality of articles. To this aim it expects Authors, Editors, and Reviewers to conform to international publishing standards of ethical behaviour. ...
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Lists of authors. Click on the author to view their articles.  ...
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