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1. European Taxes and Fiscal Justice: Citizens’ Support and Lessons from the US
(Tomasz P. Woźniakowski and Miguel Poiares Maduro/Essay)
... effectively - and justly - levied by the highest level of government, the revenue from which could then be used for the common goods. Importantly, our data, based on YouGov survey conducted in 11 European ...
2. A World Currency for a World New Deal
(Antonio Mosconi/Essay)
The wars in western Asia and the financial crisis of 2007-2008 spelt the end of the American attempt to global supremacy. Global public goods such as security and monetary and financial stability are no ...
... the EU has not a federal budget and a federal government. There are some European public goods – such as monetary and financial stability – which must be supported, in the last resort, by European resources. ...
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