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Constitutional politics seemingly corroborate the assumption that Germany is a Grand Coalition state. In this perspective German cooperative federalism and the supermajority required for any amendment ...
2. Towards a Federal Democracy in Europe?
(Roberto Castaldi/Essay)
... the insights of the main grand theories, based on the interpretative scheme of crisis-initiative-leadership, and the distinction between unification, integration and construction. Applying this toolkit, ...
3. Pan-Africanism and Federalism
(Bjørn Møller/Essay)
... much more sceptical. Grand schemes such as a “United States of Africa” are held to be both unrealistic and unhelpful, whereas a more gradualistic approach is deemed to be more constructive and helpful ...
4. Federal Reform II in Germany
(Dominic Heinz/Note)
... Länder alike. The Grand Coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD managed to quickly gather a qualified majority in the Bundestag, making the qualified majority of Länder the crucial negotiating point. At the end, ...
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