Roberto Castaldi

The Conference on the future of Europe is underway. It may pave the way to a reform of the EU. Or it may go down in history as a lost opportunity, or even as an initiative which backfired, having created expectations that may not be fulfilled. Its success or failure depends on the behaviour of citizens and institutional actors within the Conference, and on the evolution of the European political landscape after the German and French elections.

Adebayo O. Adedeji

The practice of federalism in Nigeria had undergone different stages of structuring to resolve salient political issues. However, despite each change to the structure, the clamour for further change has not abated. Thus, bringing to the fore the question, are the issues affecting the practice of federalism rooted in the structural arrangement or with the attitude of the citizens towards the principles of federalism? This article, an exploratory study, interrogated the latter part of the question by examining the concept of federal political culture and its effect on the practice of federalism [...]
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