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1. By Way of Introduction
(Giacomo Delledonne/Editorial)
... on Federalism will pay due attention to the activities of the Conference and to their relevance in the present time. As usual, we encourage our readers to submit articles, review essays and notes, or ...
... immanent in the interdependent world of the 20th century. In the series of essays another reading is possible; an attempt to find a new political way after the end of the classic modern world - a system ...
3. Essays
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These are the Essays or original research articles recently published on Perspectives on Federalism.  ...
4. Articles
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The following are the latest essays, review articles and notes published on Perspectives on Federalism, which will be collected in next issue. You can download also previous issues from the archive.  ...
5. About the journal
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... is divided into three sections. Along with essays and review articles, which are common to all academic journal, it will also publish very short notes to provide information and updated comments about ...
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