This contribution focuses on the Italian experience of the ‘collective representation of regional interests through the State-Regions Conference and the other ‘horizontal’, interregional Conferences representing either the regional executive bodies (the Conference of the Regional Presidents, better known as “Conference of the Regions”) or the legislative assemblies (the Conference of the Presidents of the Regional Councils). Although such Conferences have, over time, conquered a well-defined institutional position also in the stage consisting in the implementation of EU norms, the present analysis is centred on the role exercised by such bodies in the EU decision-making process. After a general overview of the main organisational and functional features characterising the activity of these bodies in EU affairs, the contribution focuses on the most relevant reforms which have affected the Italian legislation as regards the participation in the EU integration process. This diachronic analysis is critically assessed in the conclusions. It is argued that some challenges still remain open in the coordination of the functions of intergovernmental Conferences - also due to confusion of roles between the State-Regions Conference and the Conference of the Regions - and in the promotion of a reinforced synergy between these latter and the Conference of the Presidents of Regional Councils.

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